Sagging floor repairs are often necessary, and they tend to be simple and more affordable than most other home improvement projects and repairs. Prior to repairing the floor, it is necessary to determine the cause. Common causes are wood rot, undersized beams, or problems with the home’s foundation.

According to HomeAdvisor, the cost to repair a sagging floor ranges between $300-$6,500. Factors that impact the cost include the type of repair necessary to address the cause of the floor sagging, flooring material used to replace the existing floor, size of the area to be repaired, the location and accessibility of the area to be repaired, and labor costs. Other costs that should be considered are structural engineer fees if required, floor leveling, and building permits.

Repairs that are often necessary to address a sagging floor include repairs to the foundation, floor joists, sill plate, band board and rim joist, center beam, support columns, and subfloor.

Learn about causes of sagging floors and factors that impact the cost of repairs.

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