Bathroom shower tile grout that doesn’t dry and cure properly, or gets wet before it cures, could allow water to seep into gaps and behind tiles or cause it to flake or peel. It is important for grout to fully cure to ensure a durable, well-bonded structure, and there is no set drying and curing time for bathtub and shower tile grout.

When undertaking a tiling project, it is important to understand the type of grout used. Grout types include sanded grout, unsanded grout, and epoxy grout, each with different cure times. Sanded and unsanded grout often takes up to 72 hours to cure and requires a penetrating sealer to prevent discoloration and water penetration. Epoxy grout typically cures within 24 hours and doesn’t require a sealer.

Other factors that impact grout drying and curing time include room temperature and humidity levels.

Learn about different grout types and factors impacting drying and curing time.

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