Q: I want to replace the 1991 builder grade built in single vanity. It is outdated too short and the doors sag. My question is it goes from wall to wall and is 60 inches wide the toilet and shower are connected by a door. A lot of the 60 inch vanities have tops that are 61 inches wide what is your suggestion on what I should consider to make the space to work optimally?

Barry Hoffman
Charleston, SC

A: Thank you for your submission. The 61 inch countertops that you are looking at are most likely prefabricated. These pre-made countertops allow for the standard half-to-one inch overhang on the sides of the vanity. It is possible to order a custom countertop for your bathroom vanity that accommodates the space you are renovating. You would need to contact a local materials vendor with the measurements and material requirements to understand available options.